Heart of Paper

“Heart of Paper” was my second year project at ENJMIN.

Based on the concept of pop-up books, Heart of Paper reinterprets the classical mechanics of pop-up books, such as pull tabs, disks, and “pop-up” elements. Inviting the player to explore the pages of a book on the theme of Illusions, the game takes the feeling of surprise and awe at the opening of a pop-up book even further!

Play with the mechanics, discover the various universes, expand the pages and make the book come to life in a poetic and bizarre experience!

The game was developed using Unity3D over six months with a team comprising of two programmers, two game designers, an artist, two sound designers, a usability expert and a project manager.

For this production I created the basic game structure ; book dynamically loading pages, pages turning, etc. I created different shaders for the game, notably the text ‘burn’ effect. I also took a big part in the gameplay programming, and extended the Unity3D interface to facilitate the Game Designers’ work.



Chveuvert is a 2D adventure game in which you play Julius, a Chveuvert.

In town people are slowly turning against the Chveuverts and Marco, Julius’ best friend decides to take out a police patrol, who symbolize the oppression.
The tension is rising and so is the danger for Julius and his family… Will you try to help Marco and the Chveuverts, or save yourself?
The choice is yours.

The game was developed using the same framework from Funky Road to The Death with XNA3.1 and the XACT sound engine.
The game is completely data-driven, using a game-specific XML format to describe the level layouts. A game-specific scripting language and engine was also created for the cinematic sequences, the dialogues and to control the game-state via multiple global variables.

The game can be downloaded here.

Funky Road To The Death

In Funky Road to The Death, you play a cat, Doudou, that had an unfortunate accident with an oversized watering can. Then he died.

You have to lead Doudou along the Funky Road and get him to wherever he’s going, though not necessarily in one piece!

The playable prototype was developed from scratch with XNA3.1 and uses Farseer physics. XACT was used as the sound engine. The levels were created using OgmoEditor with an intermediate custom XML format interpretation.

Apple Panik

Apple Panik was originally a three month project that was submitted to the gamma4 “one button game” competition organized by Kokoromi.

It is a simple yet fun game where the player has to collect apples and place them in the vats at each side of the screen. The more apples you pile up, the more they start to sway and risk falling on the ground. Bigger piles means bigger points!

The game was developed from scratch with XNA3.1 and uses the XACT sound engine.

The game can be downloaded here.